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World HeritageShirakawago

This village—still inhabited today—is famous for its many (around 100) large and small houses built in the gassho-style (a uniquely Japanese construction style featuring steeply slanting thatched roofs that meet at a high peak) that have been preserved.

World HeritageGokayama

Gokayama is located in a region with heavy snowfall, with snow piling up 2–3 meters in winter. Consequently, the gassho-style houses in this village are characterized by their very steep slanting roofs (steeper than those in Shirakawa-go) which form almost equilateral triangles.


On this site in 1600, a fierce battle took place for hegemony among Japan’s leading military commanders at that time. The Gifu Ancient Sekigahara Battlefield Memorial Museum will be opening in July 2020! This facility will feature a spectacular theater recreating the Battle of Sekigahara as well as an observatory providing sweeping views of the ancient battlefield site.

Sekigahara Sasaoyama Koryukan

Armor Experience (take a stroll around historical ruins wearing traditional armor)


This area features an old-time streetscape that retains vestiges of the Edo Period as well as historical buildings such as Takayama Jin’ya. Another attraction is the area’s easy access from Nagoya by express train, with no need to change lines.


Osu prospered as a district outside the gate of Osu-kannon Temple. Packed with some 1,200 large and small shops, this huge shopping district bustles with activity day after day. Perhaps a remnant of the measures implemented by Tokugawa Muneharu, who once ruled Nagoya, to promote performing arts, the Osu district continues today to play a role as an epicenter for sub-culture.

Atsuta Jingu

One of the Three Sacred Treasures, the Kusanagi-no-Mitsurugi sword, is enshrined here at this shrine, which was built around 1,900 years ago. During the Warring States Period, leading military commanders would also visit this shrine to pray for victory in battle.


Located on the Old Tokaido Highway, this town prospered as a production area for traditional Japanese handicraft of tie-dyeing (Arimatsu-shibori, Narumi-shibori). Incidentally, the neighboring town of Narumi was where the Iga-hyakunin-gumi (Iga Two hundred-Member Gun Squad) once resided.


A new Ninja-themed area has been created at LEGOLAND Japan®. Here you can enjoy a variety of activities including Flying NINJAGO® (where you can fly about in the air like a Ninja), NINJA Games (where you can throw shuriken to win a prize), and Lloyd’s Spinjutsu Spinners (where you can experience spin techniques).

City of Cosplay, Nagoya

Nagoya is a city where cosplayers who love to dress up as their favorite anime and manga characters gather from around the world. Every year, the city hosts the WORLD COSPLAY SUMMIT where some 80 representatives from 40 countries/regions (as of 2019) compete to be the No. 1 cosplayer in the world. Around the city there are many attractive locations that are perfect for taking cosplay photographs.

Nagoya Kabuki “Kabuki Café”[Aichi Prefecture, Nagoya City]

“Nagoya Kabuki” is an original entertainment form based on Kabuki theater that can be enjoyed by watching the action without needing to understand the dialogue.

Kakuozan Saryo[Aichi Prefecture, Nagoya City]

Providing moments of relaxation and tranquility in a Japanese-modern space, Kakuozan Saryo serves a sweets menu filled with Japanese spirit year-round for customers to enjoy. The top menu recommendation is the Kakuozan Parfait (1,000 yen + tax), which features layers of soft-serve soy ice cream and fresh cream over a base of matcha green tea sponge cake, wheat bran dumplings, and sweet azuki beans. You can also enjoy six varieties of seasonal fruits (mango, peach, kiwi fruit, apple, mandarin, and cherry).